Planning to build a writing habit? Follow this technique to ensure writing is easier

Ujwal Ratra
1 min readJan 25, 2022


Since I’ve been publishing for the last 16 days, quite a few people have reached out asking about the journey.

One common thing I hear is — “I don’t have a lot of time & energy to write every day.” I had the same feeling when I started. Over the last few days, I’ve tried various things that have increased my speed of writing. Most impactful has been -

Prepping the page

I never start from an empty page.

An empty page presents endless opportunities. Starting down one path means leaving 100 others which is difficult. I am stuck staring at the page. This is also true for life in general, endless choices (or their illusion) & fear of losing the options makes you stagnant.

Thus whenever I have a few minutes, I just write down the main ideas I want to communicate & break down the page into chunks. Whenever I actually sit down to write, filling up these chunks is a breeze then.

This is what my usual breakdown for these atomic essays looks like-

Background: what am I writing about, why?

Main idea: what is my approach to the topic

Point 1: how does it help?

Point 2

and so on

As a child, I loved the fill in the blanks questions as I had to write less. Writing within these blocks feels like filling in the blanks. It is easy, fast, fun & less work.

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